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  • org.compiere.process.DocumentEngine
    • Implement logic for action that can be performed on a document.
  • org.compiere.acct.Doc
    • Base class for all accounting document class that need posting.
    • Define the list of accounting document table and base document type as static constants.
    • The mapping of accounting document table to accounting document class is coded in the method get (MAcctSchema[] ass, int AD_Table_ID, ResultSet rs, String trxName). The mapping is shown in the table below.

Table Document Class
C_Invoice org.compiere.acct.Doc_Invoice
C_Allocation org.compiere.acct.Doc_Allocation
C_Cash org.compiere.acct.Doc_Cash
C_BankStatement org.compiere.acct.Doc_Bank
C_Order org.compiere.acct.Doc_Order
C_Payment org.compiere.acct.Doc_Payment
M_InOut org.compiere.acct.Doc_InOut
M_Inventory org.compiere.acct.Doc_Inventory
M_Movement org.compiere.acct.Doc_Movement
M_Production org.compiere.acct.Doc_Production
GL_Journal org.compiere.acct.Doc_GLJournal
M_MatchInv org.compiere.acct.Doc_MatchInv
M_MatchPO org.compiere.acct.Doc_MatchPO
C_ProjectIssue org.compiere.acct.Doc_ProjectIssue
M_Requisition org.compiere.acct.Doc_Requisition

  • org.compiere.process.DocAction
    • Define the list of document action as static constants.
    • Define the list of document status as static constants.
    • Model class that need to support the standard document action and status framework implement this interface.
  • org.compiere.model.MSetup
    • Create the list of document type for new Client ( Method createAccounting ).
  • org.compiere.server.AcctProcessor
    • Background process running on the JBoss server that perform the accounting document posting process.
  • org.compiere.grid.ed.VDocAction
    • Define hardcoded in dynInit method the list of possible transitions, and transitions by table