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Adempiere can be deployed on a JBoss or Glassfish EJB server. There are also other deployment options not described here. The Jboss is the default and a Jboss server is included in the installation packages.

JBoss deployment

The Adempiere application is deployed under $JBOSS_HOME/server/$servername/deploy/adempiere.ear.

The following files are deployed:


This file contains the core Adempiere code. For instance the Base, Client and other similiar packages that are unique for Adempiere.

If you have added additional custom packages these also reside in this jar-file.


This file contains class files needed for the web archive adempiereApps.war.


This file contains a web application.


This file contains class files needed for the web archice adempiereRoot.war


This file contains the web application that is hosted at host:port/admin. The webapplication contains the JNLP-descriptor for web start and all library files required for webstart and to download the client. These files are:

  • adempiereHome/Adempiere.jar
  • adempiereHome/AdempiereCLib.jar
  • adempiereHome/
  • adempiereHome/CompiereJasperReqs.jar
  • adempiereHome/adempiereDirect.jnlp
  • adempiereHome/index.html


This file contains all the external libraries that Adempiere depends on.