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Specification of all default accounts for Adempiere 3.60lts by FINA (

You can use this list for adempiereAcctEdit(file in adempiereAcctEdit.jar).


B_EXPENSE_ACCT=Bank expenses

B_INTERESTEXP_ACCT=Bank interest expense

B_INTERESTREV_ACCT=Bank interest revenue

B_INTRANSIT_ACCT=Bank transactions in transit

B_PAYMENTSELECT_ACCT=Selected A/P invoices for payment

B_REVALUATIONGAIN_ACCT=Foreign currency bank account gain

B_REVALUATIONLOSS_ACCT=Foreign currency bank account loss

B_SETTLEMENTGAIN_ACCT=Difference between payment and bank account currency

B_SETTLEMENTLOSS_ACCT=Difference between payment and bank account currency

B_UNALLOCATEDCASH_ACCT=Received, unallocated payments

B_UNIDENTIFIED_ACCT=Receipts from unidentified customer

C_PREPAYMENT_ACCT=Prepayments for future revenue

C_RECEIVABLE_ACCT=Accounts Receivables

C_RECEIVABLE_SERVICES_ACCT=Accounts Receivables for Services

CB_ASSET_ACCT=Cash Book Asset


CB_DIFFERENCES_ACCT=Petty Cash Differences

CB_EXPENSE_ACCT=Default other expense for petty cash transactions

CB_RECEIPT_ACCT=Default other revenue for petty cash transactions

CH_EXPENSE_ACCT=Default other expense

CH_REVENUE_ACCT=Default other revenue



CURRENCYBALANCING_ACCT=Rounding difference to make journal balance in accounting currency

DEFAULT_ACCT=Default Account (if no other account is defined) V1.1

E_EXPENSE_ACCT=Default employee expenses

E_PREPAYMENT_ACCT=Expense advances

INCOMESUMMARY_ACCT=Year end processing to balance account (Retained Earnings)

INTERCOMPANYDUEFROM_ACCT=Default Receivables account for intercompany trx

INTERCOMPANYDUETO_ACCT=Default Payables account for intercompany trx

NOTINVOICEDRECEIPTS_ACCT=Received products/services from vendors, but not invoiced

NOTINVOICEDRECEIVABLES_ACCT=We delivered but have not invoiced yet

NOTINVOICEDREVENUE_ACCT=We delivered but have not invoiced yet

P_ASSET_ACCT=Product Inventory Account

P_AVERAGECOSTVARIANCE_ACCT=Account for Average Cost Variance

P_BURDEN_ACCT=Burden Absorbed account

P_COGS_ACCT=Cost of Goods Sold

P_COSTADJUSTMENT_ACCT=Product Cost Adjustments

P_COSTOFPRODUCTION_ACCT=Cost Of Production Account

P_EXPENSE_ACCT=Default Service costs (I.e. not on inventory)

P_FLOORSTOCK_ACCT=Floor Stock Account

P_INVENTORYCLEARING_ACCT=Default Product costs (I.e. on inventory)

P_INVOICEPRICEVARIANCE_ACCT=Difference between product cost and invoice price (IPV)

P_LABOR_ACCT=Labor Absorbed account

P_METHODCHANGEVARIANCE_ACCT=Account for Method Change Variance

P_MIXVARIANCE_ACCT=Account for Mix Variance

P_OUTSIDEPROCESSING_ACCT=Outside Processing Account

P_OVERHEAD_ACCT=Overhead Applied account

P_PURCHASEPRICEVARIANCE_ACCT=Difference between purchase price and standard costs (PPV)

P_RATEVARIANCE_ACCT=Account for Rate Variance

P_REVENUE_ACCT=Default Product or Service revenue

P_SCRAP_ACCT=Scrap Account

P_TRADEDISCOUNTGRANT_ACCT=Granted Trade discounts (corrects Product Revenue)

P_TRADEDISCOUNTREC_ACCT=Received Trade Discounts (corrects Product expense)

P_USAGEVARIANCE_ACCT=Account for Using Variance

P_WIP_ACCT=Work In Process Account

PAYDISCOUNT_EXP_ACCT=Granted early payment discount to customers

PAYDISCOUNT_REV_ACCT=Granted early payment discount from vendors

PJ_ASSET_ACCT=Created Asset

PJ_WIP_ACCT=Asset Work in Progress

PPVOFFSET_ACCT=Offset Account for Purchase price variance (PPV)

REALIZEDGAIN_ACCT=Difference between invoice and payment currency

REALIZEDLOSS_ACCT=Difference between invoice and payment currency

RETAINEDEARNING_ACCT=Year end processing to balance account (Income Summary)

SUSPENSEBALANCING_ACCT=Difference to make journal balance in source currency - needs to be solved

SUSPENSEERROR_ACCT=Import did not find account - needs to be solved

T_CREDIT_ACCT=Tax to be re-imbursed - before tax declaration

T_DUE_ACCT=Tax to be paid - before tax declaration

T_EXPENSE_ACCT=Sales Tax paid to Vendors

T_LIABILITY_ACCT=Tax to be paid based on tax declaration

T_RECEIVABLES_ACCT=Tax to receive based on tax declaration

UNEARNEDREVENUE_ACCT=We have invoiced, but not delivered yet

UNREALIZEDGAIN_ACCT=Difference between foreign currency receivables/payables and current rate

UNREALIZEDLOSS_ACCT=Difference between foreign currency receivables/payables and current rate

V_LIABILITY_ACCT=Accounts Payables

V_LIABILITY_SERVICES_ACCT=Accounts Payables for non-product revenue

V_PREPAYMENT_ACCT=Prepayments for future expense

W_DIFFERENCES_ACCT=Physical Inventory Gain/Loss

W_INVACTUALADJUST_ACCT=Inventory Actual Accounting Value Adjustment

W_INVENTORY_ACCT=Inventory Account

W_REVALUATION_ACCT=Difference to (lower cost) or market

WITHHOLDING_ACCT=Withholding for 1099 or Quality Guarantee

WRITEOFF_ACCT=Receivables write-off - bad debt

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Default Accounts Usage

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