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  1. Firstly we should install eclipse on your system
  2. Copy ADEMPIERE project folder ADEMPIERE trunk
  3. Open eclipse application and import adempiere trunk folder
  4. Search for in our trunk folder.
  5. check main method in Adempiere class.
  6. we have to debug step by step as follows
  • take your main mathod and focus on the getsplash mathod.
  • Splash.GetSplash();go to inner part of this method we will see some codes that works on appearing splash in adempiere screen. It can check out on debugging time.
  • See also details on sequence of method calls during Startup
  • Next go to start up method Start up(true);we will focus on logger the inner part of this method we know the code to check weaher the system is client or server side,and we can see the loading section
  • In logger section we can load file in properties window.
  • We will set database connection in this same section
  • Nextly focused on the section a class name as “org.compiere.Amenu”
  • Amenu having constructor, Amenu is derived from Cframe class it is derived from jframe class.
  • Next we have to focuse on init system named one class .in initSystem we get a login state,thet is defined in Alogin class.
  • Next we check a Env.getCtx class .
  • this class we see the first screen in adempire.
  • Env is most important class in java code.
  • In our first screen we see activity tab, that is already set in to wfactivty method.
  • Tree panel is set in to the Vtreepanel method;
  • Workflow panel is set in to WFpanel;
  • It will place into jbinit method and it showed in this section