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Basic Facts

  • This project was first started by Marco LOMBARDO of Italy. He is a strong believer of Richard M Stallman's GPL philosophy.
  • Its main goal of Compilo is to join forces to develop and publish a developer's documentation for Compiere ERP + CRM.
  • Marco is an Oracle certified DBA and prefers to use Linux and Command Line Interface rather than GUI.
  • The Compilo project first contained 2 main works of Marco:
    • Compilo Developer Guide to give a technical map for developers to learn from
    • XML2AD toolkit for absrtacting AD changes in Compiere for porting easily to other instances.
  • Marco upon joining a commercial enterprise that focus on Compiere implementation in Italy, did not proceed to contribute further on the remaining AD2XML.
  • The AD2XML was then continued by Trifon Trifonov as a new ADCK project, and Robert Klein as the 2Pack project.
  • Marco has written to Red1 expressing full support of the ADempiere project and wishes to join whenever he can find time.
  • Red1 regards Marco LOMBARDO as a legendary and pioneering friend and has paid tribute by contributing to his Developer Guide.