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Settting the PO Commitment in Accounting Schema
  • The purpose of commitment accounting is to allow the accounting department to have a chance to plan the cash flow and be aware of invoices that are coming in or going out for products not yet shipped.
  • Adempiere allows for tracking "commitments" on both purchase orders and sales orders.
  • In a common organization that deals with selling articles they have normally large purchase orders and many small sales orders, so from a cash flow point of view the purchase orders are usually the most important ones to monitor.
  • Commitment posts in the account are of a special type "Commitment". This means that they will not show with the normal reports with are "Actual" figures.

How to get PO Commitment

  • First we login as a ClientAdmin, in this case we are using GardenAdmin sample
  • Then we go to the Accounting Schema window as seen above
  • We set the Commitment Type field to PO Commitment only
  • It will ask you to restart your application server.
Ordering 2 items in Purchase Order Line tab

Test with a Purchase Order

  • Now we try that out to see if indeed a completed PO can generate the accounting facts
  • Previously there will not be any posting
  • Go to a Purchase Window and create and complete a PO
  • Ensure your is being launched before-hand
Starting the from CLI

Look up Account Viewer

Calling up the Account Viewer
  • Click on the top menu bar, on the View pull down
  • Select Account Info
  • Note from the shortcut you can also call this up by keyboard Ctrl+Alt+I combination keys
  • It will launch the Account Viewer window.
  • Note that before you process your PO or start your application server, there are no results for the same day you try this.
  • After the PO is completed or app server started you will note the results.
  • Note also that the Posting Type can be set to Commitment to view such facts only.