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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Constitutional Requirement

  • According to the community agreed constitution under Community Governance, the Community Council expires every two years. The council will then be invalid and cannot rule or decide on matters. In order to continue doing so there must be re-elections. The present committee did not call for elections since 2010. In 2012 they were reminded to do so after their expiry, but they held it without opening up the citizenship.
  • Due to clear disregard of the law and the rights of citizens, we, the trustees are now reminding the same again and this time with emphasised principles and under our oversight.

Citizen Principles

All citizens are encouraged to support the following conduct and freedom:

  1. Respect of contribution and contributors. No removal of credit, its history and copyright. If so, a reversal must be done and apology accorded.
  2. Must not destabilise core code.
  3. Must not commit code without peer review.
  4. Maintainers of code or projects and sub projects have final say in case of dispute among users.
  5. No change of code license to proprietary once submitted. That also include in kind such as hiding code changes thru the loopholes in GPL law.
  6. Freedom to create and work on projects or sub-projects related to main project as long they do not break the above principles.
  7. Freedom to hold URLs related to the project globally as trustees, without concentration of power on a single institution. Such URLs cannot be used for commercial business but only for community.
  8. Freedom to operate institutions worldwide related to the project that does not go against the above principles. Such institutions must be non-profit and allow open membership.

New Citizens

  • The wiki will be open for registration.
  • Old Citizens have to register back in their own user names.
  • If anyone has taken your name, write to us.

Elections Date

  • Notice will be given according to the guidelines agreed in early days
  • All citizens have right to vote, and no discrimination against anyone even if they are against us or the constitution or even the principles above.
  • An open and transparent process will be setup in the wiki to register each vote.

Friday, 22 April, 2016