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The Calendar Tool provides a calendar to set dates and times.


Icon: Icon Calendar24.png
Menu: →Calendar }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: (none)
Menu Tree: (none)
Note.gif Note:

The calendar can also be enabled anytime you are entering date data by clicking on the calendar iconIcon Calendar24.pngin the date field.


Dates from 1 January 1900 to 31 December 2100 are allowed.

The timezone can't be set.

Double click speed is hard-coded to 1 second.


The Calendar tool provides a method to find dates using a standard month calendar. There are two forms of the Calendar tool, date only or date and time, as shown below.


Calendar date.png    Calendar time.png


Which form appears depends on the data type of the field being entered. The menu link and most date fields are date only. The time portion will appear if the data type is set to date & time (time stamp).

Using the Calendar tool is easy. Use the controls to select the month and year and then double click the date. For the date/time version, there is also a handy check mark icon which you can click.

There are three icons to assist you:

  • C - Clear - will clear the date in the date field
  • x - Cancel - close the Calendar tool, making no changes
  • * - Today - set today's date

The following keyboard controls can be used:

  • <Pg Dn> will increment the month
  • <Pg Up> will decrement the month
  • <Up Arrow> will decrement by a week
  • <Down Arrow> will increment by a week
  • <Left Arrow> will decrement by a day
  • <Right Arrow> will increment by a day
  • <Enter> will close the Calendar tool, saving the date/time if the tool was opened from a field.
  • <Esc> will cancel the and close the tool.

See Also

For Developers

The code that controls the Calendar can be found in

  • client/src