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Announcing the ADempiere Bug Day September 2009

The next ADempiere Bug Day is coming soon! The next ADempiere Bug Day will be on Thursday 24th September 2009.

Everybody is invited to take part. Everyone can help. Come and join us for the ADempiere Bug Day!

If you are not sure how to help, then just visit us on IRC (irc.freenode.net, room #adempiere) and we'll explain everything to you.

Here are the starting times for the Bug Day

You want to participate in Bug Day mentoring/ administration, then sign in here.

  • Asia: 2:00 h GMT
    • mentored by: volunteers welcome
    • Project admins: red1
  • America: 15:00 h GMT
    • mentored by: Carlos Ruiz, more volunteers welcome
    • Project admins: volunteers welcome

Guestbook for participants

You want to participate in Bug Day Bug Triage and/or Bug Fixing, then sign in here. Those who are new and asking for tracker rights can ask in the forum thread.

Bug Trackings

(You may use this page to record your kills or work-in-progress, linking to the relevant tracker) Always follow advice. If you aint chicken then go for Bug 9s

Further Information about the ADempiere Bug Day

ADempiere Bug Day

Bug Triage