Bank to Bank Transfer Transaction tips (Cross Organization)

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Transfer fund in between org is a very common practice in multi branch company, here is some trick on how to get it done in Adempiere, the basic idea is using a temporary account element to hold the funds and we link this as cash book asset in each org temporary cash book (I call it dummy cash book). Ok, let's get started :

1. Create an Account element similar to petty cash book I named it Dummy Cash (you can named it whatever you like).

Dummy cash account element.png

2. Create 2 New cash book one for HQ and another for Store, each cash asset link to same account element we created in step 1.

Dummy cash book.png

Dummy cash book hq.png

Dummy cash book store.png

3. Let's say that we are going transfer $10 from HQ's Bank to Store's Bank, first go to open items > cash journal and create new document, choose Dummy Cash book (HQ) then create a cash line, select Bank transfer as cash type, and enter 10 as the amount, complete and post it.

Cash journal hq.png

Cash journal hq posted.png

4. Create new cash journal this time use Dummy Cash book (Store), create a cash line, select Bank transfer type and type in -10 (minus ten), complete and post it.

Cash journal store.png

Cash journal store posted.png

5. Create bank statement for each of the bank account.

Bank statement hq posted.png

Bank statement store posted.png

That's it all.