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--AS 12:40, 10 July 2007 (EDT)

The present accounting kernel in Adempiere requires a certain level of customizations to be made in order to fit the enterprise environment of public listed and mid-large sized companies. Dr Albert Chen believes that there is room for improvement in the Adempiere accounting kernel. He have identified a list of areas where improvement can be brought in immediately. Dr Albert Chen believes ERP is based on Social Science and not Nature Science. He is optimistic on enhancing and improving Adempiere especially the accounting kernel to a level that is at par or even better than SAP.

A discussion on the IRC channel (10th July 2007, 2210hrs (GMT +8)) has initiated the commitment to further enhance the accounting kernel. Below is the transcript. Please read the transcript to understand Dr. Albert Chen's view in detail. A special thanks to Muthah for his encouragement and support given to Dr. Albert Chen in view of the accounting kernel issue. Dr. Albert Chen is Professional Accountant, Professional Production Control And Material Planning Manager and a java developer from Taiwan.

On behalf of the community, I would like to invite committed individuals/companies to contribute and make this little project successful in the best interest of the community. Please show your commitment by signing your name below at the Team section.

The Team

The following members have committed themselves to work and contribute to enhancing the accounting kernel consistently.

  • Albert Chen
  • Muthah
  • Moyses

The Communication Transcript

Of Interest: See timeline

  • 22:57
  • 23:19
  • 23:21
  • 23:23 - Dr Albert Chen's commitment
  • 23:28 - Dr Albert Chen dedicating his time

[22:16] <AS6> Albert: I believe u have already implemented Adempiere in many companies in Taiwan? :)

[22:16] <AlbertChen> yes

[22:16] <muthah> in our country, we also hava Fiscal legislation

[22:16] <AlbertChen> how to resolve this issue from adempiere constrain

[22:17] <AS6> fer_luck: its real hot. How do u cope up with such weather? I have to be inside building most of the time. The car airconditioner sometimes doesnt have any effect when the weather is too hot.

[22:17] <AS6> Albert: How to resolve what issue from adempiere constrain?

[22:17] <fer_luck> well, ac's are really effective here.. :-)

[22:17] <AlbertChen> can not ready for listed compnay

[22:18] <fer_luck> muthah: stuck with the fiscal printers?

[22:18] <AlbertChen> have any listed compnay use Adempiere in brazial

[22:20] <fer_luck> yeah

[22:20] <fer_luck> some already

[22:20] * muthah has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)

[22:21] * muthah has joined #adempiere

[22:22] <AlbertChen> who stuck with the fiscal printers

[22:22] <muthah> me AlbertChen

[22:22] <AlbertChen> why ?

[22:22] <muthah> Iam stuck with them fer_luck

[22:25] * yanstheman has quit IRC ("Leaving."�)

[22:25] <muthah> how do i Interface with them or how do I tell them that that Item in Orderline has this Tax Rate

[22:28] <AlbertChen> depend on each line's product of taxreate?

[22:30] <AlbertChen> p_lines[i].getAccount (ProductCost.ACCTTYPE_P_Revenue, as),

[22:30] <AlbertChen> how sutpid this idea

[22:31] <AlbertChen> ARI and ARC use same account-element

[22:32] * yanstheman has joined #adempiere

[22:33] <AlbertChen> ERP is Social Science not Nature Science

[22:33] * vpj-cd has joined #adempiere

[22:34] <AlbertChen> Use Science result for management Social science is supid idea

[22:34] <AlbertChen> Nature Science

[22:35] <AlbertChen> Negative Sales ?

[22:35] <AlbertChen> Balance Sales?

[22:36] <AlbertChen> When the Adempiere can use in Listed Comapny

[22:37] * croo has joined #adempiere

[22:40] <AS6> Albert: Are u saying that at the moment Adempiere cannot be used in listed company?

[22:40] <AlbertChen> yes

[22:41] <AlbertChen> use Negative amount for slaes credit meno

[22:41] <AS6> Albert: What are other possible disadvantage of Adempiere? I want to know the dark side of Adempiere..

[22:41] <AlbertChen> Read

[22:42] <AlbertChen> the ARI and ARC use same Account_Element

[22:42] <muthah> you talk in crypt mode albert

[22:42] <AlbertChen> it not make sence for professional accountant

[22:43] <AlbertChen> What is management ?

[22:43] <AlbertChen> Must light-on Exceptment

[22:44] * AS6 is away and will be back shortly...keep typing, AS6 will read and reply later. Sorry. :)

[22:45] <AlbertChen> If can't ready use for Listed Compnay, the system value just a little only,,,

[22:46] <AlbertChen> TinyERP is easy than Compiere/Adempiere for small size company

[22:47] <AlbertChen> but Midddle size caompnay can 't direct use Ademepire without Coustomizaed

[22:47] <AlbertChen> because Accounting Kernel is a lot of Issue

[22:48] <muthah> then help us rewrite it, AlbertChen

[22:50] <AlbertChen> who is incharege of Acccounting Kernel ?

[22:52] <croo> anybody who wants the job...

[22:52] <AlbertChen> what job

[22:53] <muthah> including you

[22:53] <croo> to be in charge of the acounting kernel

[22:53] <AlbertChen> Good job

[22:54] <muthah> you say the kernel is bad, then write it the way you feel that it should be then either give the codes to red1, croo, Michael Judd or any other person you see online and if the whole community finds them to be in order, they will be put in trunk

[22:54] <muthah> for everyone to see and use

[22:55] <AlbertChen> but not Accounting Kernel only, but also a lot of Table must add-on for xx_Acct

[22:56] <AlbertChen> same like SAP structure we must add xx_Accct to xx_DocType_Accct

[22:57] <muthah> or you can request that the project admins give you a branch and rewrite everything from scratch

[22:57] <muthah> kontro, AYT

[22:57] <AlbertChen> account_element can be depend on DocTYPE

[22:57] <croo> I believe Michael Judd feels there is a lot to be done in this area too ... adding new tables is not an issue so long as we create the correct migration!

[22:57] <AlbertChen> SORRY I DON'T WORK FOR BRANCH

[22:58] <croo> well it is dependant on doc_type now right? TH eproblem is though it's hardcoded

[22:58] <AlbertChen> each xx_Acct must add xx_DocType_Accct

[22:58] <muthah> and do anything you want with the whole adempiere and nobody will bug you, but remember you will be responsible for syncing your branch to the main trunk as well as making sure that at any given time your branch can compile and build

[22:59] <muthah> then you can join Michael's branch. it is called Akuna

[22:59] <muthah> there you two can come up with your enhancements

[22:59] <AlbertChen> i only want to help someone who can direct put in trunk

[23:01] <AS6> Albertchen: Muthah's idea sounds like the most realistic option. It allows you to begin then enhancement/improvement via branch and when its proven to be viable it will be merged into Trunk. :D When do u plan to begin on this journey?

[23:01] <muthah> all stuff and changes done in branches ultimately end up in Trunk

[23:01] <AS6> AlbertChen: What is the estimated timeline that you foresee for this new project? :)

[23:01] <muthah> as long as the community votes on it

[23:02] <muthah> Generate the excitement and for sure people will join you and michael on Akuna

[23:02] <AS6> AlbertChen: All of here are very happy to have such strong commitment from you and looking forward to your contribution that will supposedly allow Adempiere to be used in mid-sized and public listed companies. :D

[23:03] * AlbertChen has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)

[23:03] * AlbertChen has joined #adempiere

[23:03] <AS6> AlbertChen: Did u read my last message? :D

[23:06] <AlbertChen> yes

[23:07] <muthah> AlbertChen, I can assure you that as long as what changes you make to the core of the Accounting engine I shall be among your first followers.

[23:08] <muthah> as is now I rarely even touch that part in Adempiere

[23:08] <fer_luck> back

[23:08] <fer_luck> :-)

[23:08] <AlbertChen> hi

[23:08] <AlbertChen> good, muthah

[23:08] <AS6> AlbertChen: All of us will really appreciate you for life, if you could bring that improvement mentioned above , that will allow Adempiere to be used in mid-large sized companies including listed companies. The question now, is, when do u plan to begin on this initiative?

[23:09] <AlbertChen> where or when can work togeter like JBoss comapnay?

[23:09] <AS6> AlbertChen: I can assure u that Muthah, can be one of the greatest lieutant that one could ever have. He is a man of passion, commitment and of high determination

[23:09] <AS6> AlbertChen: what u meant by the "Jboss company"? I dont know, please can u explain?

[23:10] <AlbertChen> When JBOSS was famous and well-know system, JBOSS own a place for worldwide worker in same offfice

[23:12] <muthah> Got to go

[23:12] <needle58> gtg

[23:12] * needle58 has quit IRC ("leaving"�)

[23:12] <muthah> have to go home and try Libero packin.xml

[23:12] <muthah> Thanks AS6 for you vote of confidence

[23:13] <AS6> AlbertChen: If thats what u meant, personally, my team is working very closely with a well-known corporate figure in all over the world to get such instituition for Adempiere. Red1 knows about it. Besides that, Red1 has also initiated on the Kperak thingie. Lets see which comes first.

[23:13] <AS6> Muthah: I was just telling the truth! :D

[23:13] <AS6> Albert: But now....

[23:13] <AlbertChen> i see,,,, it impossible now

[23:13] <muthah> Goodnight AS6

[23:14] <AS6> muthah

[23:14] <AS6> wait for 6 more mins, can u?

[23:14] <AS6> then u can go ...

[23:14] <muthah> ok!

[23:15] <muthah> AS6, checkout

[23:15] <muthah> just like wink

[23:15] <AS6> albert: we have to begin with what we have. its like we are fighting in a war. And in war, when u are confronted by enemies , you dont go around and ask for weapons that u dont have.... What u do? You fight back the enemy with what u have. Thats survival. And now, thats what we are doing. To do what we have to do, with the EXISTING resources that we may have. When we have the luxury to ask for those we need, we can do so then!

[23:16] <AS6> Albert: Why do u say thats impossible?

[23:17] <AS6> Muthah: sounds like another option for the tutorials. :D

[23:17] <AlbertChen> ?

[23:17] <muthah> yes!

[23:18] <AS6> Albert: perhaps, i should ask , what u meant by "i see, it impossible now"? i seriously dont know what u meant, can u please enlighten me? :)

[23:18] <muthah> i will explore it use and see whether it is better than wink AS6

[23:19] <AlbertChen> it can not change account kernel for adempiere Now ?

[23:19] <AS6> AlbertChen: Why do u say that it cannot change the account kernel now? Is there any reasons to it? ;)

[23:20] <AlbertChen> because without Mike help i can't do anything Now

[23:21] <muthah> who said mike is not going to help you?

[23:21] <AS6> AlbertChen: Can u please point out, what other help or whose other help u need? We can talk to him

[23:21] <muthah> you have not asked him?

[23:21] <AlbertChen> next time i will ask Mike

[23:21] <AS6> AlbertChen: I have one question for u...just one...

[23:22] <AlbertChen> okay

[23:22] <muthah> As as I know, he started the Akuna branch specifically for that. He does his R&D and release it on Akuna, informs community about it and it get's implemented into trunk..

[23:22] <AlbertChen> good

[23:22] <AS6> AlbertChen: Are you willing to take up the challenge to bring Adempiere to a next level by contributing/enhancing/improving Adempiere accounting kernel, on a CONSISTENT basis?

[23:23] <AlbertChen> yes

[23:23] <AlbertChen> i will

[23:23] <AlbertChen> Take over SAP is my target

[23:23] <AS6> AlbertChen: Good to have known that commitment from u. Everything else will follow. Any problems/challenges we can solve together

[23:24] <AS6> Good to have that sort of determination...

[23:24] <AS6> Albertchen: hope to see u more often here..

[23:25] <muthah> It just takes a spark to start a forest fire

[23:25] <AS6> Muthah: I really look high on such a strong target by AlbertChen!

[23:25] <muthah> Mee too

[23:26] <AS6> Yep...agree with Muthah...just a spart to start fire.....just a COMMITTED DECISION to start the REVOLUTION!

[23:26] <muthah> AlbertChen, just relese some few codes, and see how the community will react.

[23:27] <AlbertChen> okay

[23:27] <AS6> Yeah..

[23:27] <muthah> I can also help you with the documentation and I will gladly be your filing assistant

[23:27] <AS6> AlbertChen: When do u plan to start on this new WAR? :D

[23:27] <muthah> arranging those elusive class and jar files

[23:28] <catsapiens> finally i can sleep 2 hours

[23:28] <AlbertChen> this summer from July to Dec

[23:28] <muthah> check this

[23:28] <AS6> AlbertChen: Great

[23:28] <muthah> Mike says he wants to "I'm intending to kick off some of the accounting consultation and development in the next two weeks - so lets get some of these requirements documented.

[23:28] <AS6> catsapiens: how is your flu now?

[23:28] <muthah> "

[23:29] <catsapiens> same

[23:29] <muthah> AS6 why don't you contact mike and ask him to avail his list so thst we can share ideas