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The ADempiere Institute

  • Some time ago, there was some local discussion by Malaysians interested in the ADempiere Project on what Malaysia should do to fully exploit Open Source ERP particularly that some Malaysians such as Red1 and Hengsin are involved heavily in the project.
  • Malaysia been a growing nation that looks highly at innovation and human resource development can support such an Institute that transfers needed know-how to benefit locals and the world in general.
  • Malaysia can also brand itself by playing host and hub to this growing worldwide phenomena of Open Source ERP to house important initiatives and reference resources of the community
  • Malaysia can greatly assist the community and catapult the project to higher grounds by providing such facilities and support.
  • Through the efforts of Dr. Azman Shafii, one of the panel members advising KPerak Inc, ADempiere gain traction among the Perakians for such a state program of cyber-age proportions for the state.
  • KPerak after having deliberated on the potential of such a project now confrms its interest via the displayed letter sent to ADempiere Bazaar (c/o ADempiere, Inc, USA) and Red1.
  • Subtlety behind KPerak' interest in ADempiere Bazaar is the open community concept that allows anyone to participate without vested and commercial interest or conflicts.

Suggestive Program

  • Tentative kickoff launch of the Institute around early September, 2007.
    • Inviting core members to present papers at a summit in Perak, Malaysia among the local SMIs and other relevant agencies in the industrial and business sectors.
    • Exchange of ideas on moving forward using Open Source ERP throughout the state and commerce aparatus where relevant.
    • Training of local cyberpreneurs and expertise to confidently use ADempiere for own industry and further extensions.
    • Training to be almost free and heavily subsidised by relevant agencies within the country.
  • As usual in the tradition of transparency and utmost participation of all in the community, such information is always kept open for comment and review
    • Ideas are invited from the community particularly in Malaysia and the Asia region to enhance further the direction of this initiative
    • Please comment in the talk page here or write to the council(at) if needed
    • At the moment, Red1 is following up with the KPerak team to formulate a strategic roadmap that involves a mega launch in the State at a famous island resort and a tour to promote the project.
    • All deliberations are minuted by KPerak team and on Red1 side other bazaar members are always in attendance to confirm the progress.
    • Red1 reports directly to the council on all progress and for decision making. Matters are always made public duly.


  • See SourceForge discussion
  • Meeting today is successful. KPerak awaiting formal acceptance and budgetary roadmap from ADempiere Bazaar - Red1 07:01, 7 June 2007 (EDT)
    • KPerak shall promote ADempiere to meet its KPIs of local adopters and increase in projects for locals
    • ADempierean experts shall present papers and ideas to formulate and conduct training curriculum towards certification
    • KPerak shall bear necessary costs including launch and tour to promote ADempiere among industry players
    • KPerak is a govt company not-for-profit basis, and has clout to garner nation-wide support.
    • KPerak willing to be Data Centre for / wiki / mirror site and other resources or hub or reference
    • Evangelise its initiative worldwide by subsisting its evangelist (Red1).
  • ADempiere Bazaar formal acceptance in principle forwarded to Kperak as displayed in the uploaded image - Ramiro Vergara 10:54, 12 June 2007 (EDT)

Paper Presenters - Call For Papers

  • Those wishing to come to Malaysia to promote their core subject matter expertise based around ADempiere are invited to register themselves here. Please give detail cv to council(at)adempiere(dot)org and brief of paper.
  • Has to submit white paper drafts by End June, 2007.
  • Trip, paper, classroom time and other costs to be fully borne by KPerak
  • Oppurtunity to explore business oppurtunity that involves some outsourcing or transfer of know-how. Please state so and what areas of interest to you.
  • Selection is based on merit and decision of the Council & KPerak is final.
  • (name, email, subject matter, link to paper brief) - please register next line accordingly

Proposed Paper Abstracts

Training Participants (Registration)

  • Those wishing to participate as trainees please sign here. Give your contact email and areas you interested to be trained on.
  • Free attendance by registration, with subsidised tour travel and accomodation during program. Overseas travel and external accomodation not covered. Further info on this later. Now is to see if there is sufficient interest.
  • 1. Don Sadat - (Malaysia) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Libero (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Adempiere application: Implementing Business Rules
    • - Adempiere Implementation: Identify, review and optimize processes to improve KPI.
  • 2. Ahmed MAACHE - (Algeria) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Reporting.
    • - Development.
    • - Adempiere Implementation.
  • 3. Usman - (Indonesia) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Libero (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Adempiere Implementation.
    • - Development.
  • 4. Herry Junianto - (Indonesia) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Libero (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Accounting Process.
    • - Development.
  • 5. Shindu B. Raditya - (Indonesia) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Libero (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Adempiere Framework Structure
    • - Data replication (HQ - Branch)
    • - Adempiere Customization
  • 6. Eduardo Williams - (Mexico) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Adempiere application: Implementing Business Rules
    • - Adempiere Implementation
    • - Posterita Implementation and Development
  • 7.John Lee - (Malaysia) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Development.
    • - Adempiere Implementation.
  • 8.Sascha Zumbusch - consulting (at) zumbusch (dot) de (Germany) I would like to be trained on :
    • - Adempiere Implementation
    • - Adempiere Customization
    • - Adempiere application: Implementing Business Rules
    • - Aempiere: Web Projects
    • - If I can make it to the meeting (depends on the paper) I will help with organisational stuff and hands on

9. Francisco Morosini (Peru) I would like to be trained on :

    • - Libero (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Accounting Process.
    • - Development.
  • 10. Muhayo Ziyadullaeva- I would like to be trained on:
    • - LIBERO (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Accounting Process
    • - Adempiere Implementation and Development
    • - I am willing to help with creation of documentation and testing the system.
  • 11. Sureeraya Limpaibul- I would like to be trained on:
    • - LIBERO (Manufacturing Module)
    • - Accounting Process
    • - Development
    • - I am willing to contribute all Thai Accounting Standard