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1. American ADempiere Conference

Important Stuff

Don't forget a power adapter for your notebook. A connector strip will be sufficient - we will have a little power adapter construction workshop :)

Why another conference?

We had so much fun in Berlin, why wait to do it again! We hope to keep up the steam with more interest, interaction, and involvement.

What it's all about?

  • workshops
  • technical discussions
  • meet each other
  • future Adempiere development

Topic suggestions for workshops and discussions are desired. Please note them on this site.

Topic suggestions

Please add your suggestions here:

Spreading the word

General conditions

The conference is open to all interested parties. The participants are required to pay the costs of travel and accommodation. Infrastructure is sponsored by the Idalica Corporation.

Online Participation

We provide a video/audio stream from the conference and a vnc access to the presentation computer desktop in addition to the normal irc chat in #adempiere. To join the conference you need to install the vlc player for video/audio (or similar software) a vnc client and a irc programm if you want to give some feedback.

  • Download and install vlc player
  • Download and install tight vnc (or any vnc client you like)
  • Install Chatzilla if you are using Firefox (or any irc program you like)

Join the conference

Open the video/audio stream with the vlc player

  • Start the vlc media player
  • Go to file -> open network stream
  • Select network tab and enter the url be updated... for audio only or be updated... for video/audio stream

  • Press ok

vnc (desktop view)

  • Start the tight vnc viewer (Listen Mode)
  • Open a new connection
  • VNC Server is (this might change - we will post the ip in irc and forum)
  • Password is Berlin2007 (this might change - we will post the ip in irc and forum)
  • Recommended connection options are tight encoding, custom compression level: 9 and JPEG compression: 3

irc (Chatzilla)

  • Open the Chatzilla plugin (Tools -> Chatzilla)
  • Change your nickname (Button in the lower left corner)
  • Connect the irc server by entering the following line into the command line (bottom of the window):
  • Press Enter :)
  • joining the adempiere channel by entering the following line into the command line:
/join #adempiere



Idalica Corporate Offices 1173 Warner Ave Tustin, CA 92780

Getting There

Travel directions and area map

1. [1] Map of the area around the conference

2. To the Hotel

Arrival by air

Additional Material


Please add your name here ...

Alexander Tsang

Frederick Tsang

Joel Stangeland

Donald Ladwig

Joel Blouin


Kai Schaeffer

Girish Ogirala

Priya Anandamohan


Visa Information

Dear participants of the 1st ADempiere Conference!

Please check if you need a visa for a short stay and a "letter of invitation" for your visa application in order to participate at the conference.

You find all relevant information and application forms on the web site of the U.S. Department of State

including a table of countries whose citizens do not require visas to enter the US.

If you need a "letter of invitation" including a confirmation of the health insurance for incoming visitors for your visa application, please send the following details for each person that requires a visa to Andy (acamel at idalica dot com):

  • First name and family name as stated in the passport
  • Birthday
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of arrival in the US
  • Date of departure from the US

Please take into consideration the time needed to process your visa application.