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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

The Idea: Creating an ADempiere plugin bazaar

Some developers are currently working on an OSGi Integration in ADempiere. One of the results of our recent get-together with Red1 and Trifon at our company site in Luenen / Germany was that it would be nice to have a place where interested developers can easily exchange knowledge, ideas and information about OSGi and possible plugins for ADempiere. The long-term vision is to create an ADempiere Core with a mature, stable and defined functionality and to extract as much as possible of the functionality to plugins that could be easily deployed or undeployed inside an ADempiere installation without the need to compile the core over and over again.

The long-term vision for this specific wiki page is that it might grow to become a rich bazaar of dozens oder even hundreds of high-quality OSGi-plugins for ADempiere - hence the visionary name of "ADempiereForge"...

So, for starters let's define a possible page structure...

Where to start

Joerg Viola is working on a streamlined development environment based on Eclipse. Eclipse was chosen due to the fact that the Equinox framework, which is a vital part of the current OSGi integration, is well-integrated into Eclipse. Once this is done, any help would be appreciated to get this running with NetBeans, too...

What you ought to know

Basic information about OSGi in general

Plugin development for ADempiere

Before you make entries in one of the following lists

You should point out a strategy on how to get things done if you propose functionality here - at least for the more complex features and functionalities. Don't let this evolve to a list of wishes. Let's create a forum on sourceforge where users as well as implementors and developers can freely speak about their wishes and coolest ideas, and publish them here once you have an idea on how to start - or, of course, if you already have finished.

Here are some hints which information you should add to the following tables:

Name - The name of the contribution or functionality you suggest to be refactored or designed as a plugin

Status and obstacles - The current status of work on this topic

Developers - Which developers are currently working on this topic

Comment - What else is important to know

Further reading - links to more detailed information, e.g. tracker links, forum discussions

Current ADempiere functionality that can / should be extracted and refactored to become a plugin

NameStatus and obstaclesDevelopersCommentFurther reading - links

Current ADempiere contributions that can / should be refactored to become a plugin

NameStatus and obstaclesDevelopersCommentFurther reading - links
Libero Manufacturing locate and refactor all relevant changes which have impacted the ADempiere core within the Libero branch Joerg Viola, Trifon hopefully, Victor Perez will aid on the functional aspects as they arise  

Caveat: The task of locating and refactoring all changes which have impacted the ADempiere core is of course a common and probably complex task for most of the sophisticated contributions one would propose to convert to a plugin.

Desired ADempiere functionality that is not available yet but would be nice to have as a plugin

NameStatus and obstaclesDevelopersCommentFurther reading - links

What else

Feel free and open to propose changes and improvements. This, of course, is encouraged throughout the whole project.