2nd European ADempiere Conference Day1

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Day to day rendition as it happens in the 2nd European ADempiere Conference by Goanookie


Doors open

And the first occurence of murphy because the coffemachine broke down.

A small overview OF ADempiere e.v. and where ADempiere is situated on the market of ERP systems.

Key Note Redhuan

Redhuan is giving a overview of what he has been doing in the past, he started working as a cobol programmer for a bank. And how he encountered his first experience with C++, afterwards java came into the picture.

Redhuan would have saved 8 years of education if only somebody would tell him that class.method equals goto in cobol :)

The story of Redhuan and Compiere, and more how he wrote his first code for Compiere and the first manual. But that manual got refused by Jorge Janke. AS a result of this Redhuan started with red1.org to publish the manual and much more. From the beginning there was lots of interest for the forum Redhuan has created. You can see it for yourself on Redhuan's guestbook. This forum is now closed, but the contents are still there.

Since Redhuan didn't prepare a slide show, but instead decides to use his red1.org website to explain a few principles he is following.

  • Information is free
  • People are not
  • Contributors are priceless

Redhuan is explaining how opensource took of in Malaysia and how he got an article in the local english paper Star Central.


Presentation of Round Table Results

Overview of the ADempiere e.v. by Norbert Wessel

Presentation of ADempiere SWOT mindmap by Mike Judd

Presentation of ADempiere Roadmap mindmap by Mike Judd

Not mentioned in the agenda of today, the panel discussion with the core members who were present at yesterday's round table conference.

Panel Discussion

  • Mike Judd
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Teo Sarca
  • Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov
  • Kai Schaeffer
  • Redhuan D. Oon
  • Victor Perez
  • Mario Calderón (translation for Victor)

Question 1(irc)

How is it envisaged that stability in decision making is set over time. My experience is that making no decision is the worst possible decision, 2nd worst is varying the decision rapidly. Should there be a stable group of decision makers voted in for a certain period of time?

OSGi-based extension framework

ADempiere Equinox presentation given by Jörg viola from ObjectCode GmbH.

Slides from the presentation File:Adempiere-Equinox.pdf.

Adempiere best practices

ADempiere best practices presentation given by Carlos Ruiz - Global QSS.